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Adweek’s Sustainability Stars: 17 Brand Leaders on a Mission to Help Our Planet

Julie Fleischer, Quality Education
Chief growth officer, Encantos

By TL Stanley

The educational roots run deep in Julie Fleischer’s family. Her mother is a retired teacher, and she and her Argentinian husband raised their son and daughter to be bilingual.

That background—and more than a decade as a data-driven marketer at WW International, Kraft Foods and OMD—led Fleischer in late 2020 to Encantos, an eclutainment company that preps preschoolers to 8-year-olds for an inclusive, digital-first future. “Life skills like critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, financial and civic literacy aren’t usually taught in a classroom,” Fleischer says, noting that the brand’s mission is to “make sure kids have everything they need to thrive.” During the pandemic,


Encantos launched a free learning hub online and posted all the company’s bilingual videos on YouTube to help those struggling with impromptu Zoom school. And as a public benefit corporation, the company gives a share of its profits and donates its educational products to charitable groups like Save the Children and the National Association for Bilingual Education.


Fleischer says Encantos plans to scale up quickly to support more children via its personalized programs and unique “storyteaching” method, and a next-gen subscription app is on the way. Fleischer will also explore partnerships with like-minded brands as Encantos broadens its culturally diverse creator network. “The professional journey for me has been understanding people through data,” she says. “And we’re using data to identify the best learning path for each kid.


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