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Our People (who we are)

We’re a familia of award-winning storytellers, educators, illustrators, thought leaders, musicians, people persons, professional game-changers and amateur salsa dancers helping to change the way kids learn.

Our Mission

We started Encantos with 21st century skills in mind: literacy, learning, and life smarts.

Our Storyteaching approach seeks to inspire kids through song and play, stepping away from one-size-fits-all curriculums and tests. By combining the best of education, technology, and personalization, we help chiquitos reach their full potential. 

Our authentic and diverse stories come to life through irresistible videos, books, songs, toys, and games, inspiring kids to learn like no one’s watching. Working closely with educators and developers, we create personalized learning journeys that both parents and tots love. 

Core Values

We believe the way forward to a more equal, just, and healthy world is to raise little ones who learn to appreciate themselves and each other for who they are. More humanity, more learning, more love.

Quick Facts

  • Our Kidscreen Award-winning videos are Emmy-nominated, and our app was nominated for Kidscreen’s “Best Learning App”.
  • We’ve become the premier publisher of kids and family books focused on diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • Based in Culver City, CA with its main creative studio in NYC, Encantos is a public-benefit company. Each one of our brands gives profits back to support meaningful causes. Living our purpose is part of our job description.
  • We’re fans of compassion, merengue, and hugs.

Made with ❤️ from our familia to yours.

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