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How Encantos is Inspiring Kids to Learn 21st Century Skills Through Culture

Chief Growth Officer Julie Fleischer shares how the award-winning edtech company is providing kids with the quality education they need to thrive

By Luz Corona

As part of the Adweek Sustainability PlaybookEncantos Chief Growth Officer Julie Fleischer shares how the award-winning edtech company is providing kids with 21st century skills that they’re not necessarily getting in school but will need in order to thrive in the modern world.


In 2016, the World Economic Forum put together a study that talked about what kids need to learn to thrive today. We’ve got different challenges that we need to be ready to face and the way to do that is to learn how to think and learn how to learn, not just memorize reading and writing and math.

21st century skills are really the literacy learning and life skills that kids need to thrive in the future. It includes things like numeracy and literacy reading, but it also includes things like environmental literacy, health and wellness, financial literacy, multilingual literacy. Those are core literacy skills that kids aren’t necessarily getting today through school.

We want to ensure that kids get life skills that they’re not necessarily getting in school, like adaptability, grit, resilience, mindfulness, initiative, and curiosity.

The Demand for Direct-to-Consumer

One of the things that’s happened during the pandemic is these kids have been on Zoom and now parents have had a front row seat to what kids are learning and how kids are learning. If a kid isn’t paying attention, a kid isn’t learning and the system today that’s set up isn’t grabbing their attention. We look at this as a “direct to learner” opportunity to have a direct relationship with kids and parents and how they learn.

The Demand for Representation

If you look at kids’ media today, it’s 50% white and then it’s 27% animals. And so, when we get down to kids of color, kids who are LGBTQ–they’re not being represented in the media. 50% of kids today are diverse. They need and want to see themselves.

The Demand for 21st Century Learning

What kids want is to play. They want a game. They want to be in digital worlds. They want to watch media. They want this entertainment, but what parents want is for their kids to learn. And today that is a conflict because learning takes place in things that look like homework and play is fun.

We said–what if kids and parents had the opportunity to experience not “edutainment,” (entertainment and education together) but really the best of entertainment and the best of education brought to life through technology that can personalize that learning journey for kids? And what if we could deliver that in the digital and physical products that they love?


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