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Encantos believes when their minds are open and their hearts are engaged, kids can learn anything. That’s why we’re going to gather the world’s best storyteachers in one place.

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Our soon-to-launch app will invite kids to get lost in storyworlds with our cast of beloved characters. Kids will emerge with skills they need to thrive in the modern world: critical thinking, creativity, compassion, and adaptability, to name a few.







that need
to be
Encantos embraces telling culturally authentic stories, written by diverse authors. In fact, we’re the #1 publisher of diverse authors in the US.
that need to be
We believe kids need more than they learn in the classroom. That's why we teach critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional skills with a global perspective.
In the ways that kids learn best.
We speak to kids in their favorite language: fun! Our books, games, videos and apps work together to help kids reach their full potential.

Some of our storyworlds

The #1 bilingual preschool brand 

Two languages makes the world twice as big and twice as fun. Kiki, Ricky, and Nicky Chickie make learning letters, numbers, phonics, and feelings fun, in English and Spanish!

Discover the big beautiful world we all share

With these action packed find-and-seek adventures, celebrating culture is key. Our group of little explorers are here to show kids it’s a big world out there — ready to be enjoyed by everyone.

Fears aren’t so fearsome when Skeletina is your friend

The In-Between World is terrifically twisted—and it’s where Skeletina and friends help children from the real world overcome real-life fears. Here kids learn about grit, resilience, and optimism, and see that facing fears…might just be fun!

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