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Homeschooling Kids Due To COVID-19? Encantos Launches Free “Learning Hub”

By Morgan Brinlee


Widespread school closures have left parents across the United States grappling to find ways to continue their children’s education. And for those who are now homeschooling kids due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Encantos’ new learning hub could come in handy, offering a number of digital and physical educational resources completely free of charge.

The growing number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has forced at least 95,000 public and private schools to close, according to Education Week. As a result, an estimated 43.9 million students now have to transition to remote learning models and the situation has undoubtedly put a strain on many parents. In an effort to keep kids learning, and help parents keep their sanity, Encantos, a public benefit corporation that seeks to reimagine education using technology and entertainment, stepped up the company’s plans to launch a learning hub.






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